Tortfeasors Acting in Bad Faith


By what lawful authority public servants and trustees act should be readily available as public record, but when i challenged the tortfeasors to prove they have lawful authority to interfere with a private prosecution without consent, tortfeasor Samantha Kane intruded and attacked me unprovoked.

Below is the exchange between tortfeasor Samantha and i.  She acts as an interloping mouthpiece for the other tortfeasors and displays deliberate intent to steal my property by deception.

This is the typical bad faith behaviour and attitude displayed by the tortfeasors and their agents that led up to this common law commercial lien.

(click page to enlarge)

Tortfeasors attack unprovoked

Sam attacks p.1Sam attacks p.2Sam attacks p.3

Notice to this tortfeasor to identify herself and prove her claims

Notice to Sam p.1Notice to Sam p.2Notice to Sam p.3

Second attack from tortfeasor Samantha Kane and refuses to supply proof of her claims

Sam second threat p.1Sam second threat p.2

Default Notice

Default notice to Sam



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