i was robbed by a trustee – a man who works as a lawyer in Cairns – he stole trust property and emptied the trust account – then claimed he was “entitled” to keep my property and money without any proof of such “entitlement”.

i filed a claim against him at the local public courthouse registry to be heard at a public forum  – turns out the public servants working at the Cairns courthouse are his friends, who falsified my claim, stole the evidence and fraudulently hijacked the case, sending it far away to Brisbane, where there’s more lawyer friends running the show at a private business called QCAT, who committed even more crimes to protect him from prosecution.

Crimes/torts are many, such as — case numbers kept hidden from me, secret hearings held behind my back, decisions made involve wrong parties, the identity of decision makers kept hidden, lying and falsifying my claim behind my back, inserting non-existent people as parties to my case without my knowledge or consent, allowing papers to be filed into my case fraudulently from non-existent people and much more.

The list of wrongs is very long and set me on this journey.  A detailed account is in the menu under “Unrebutted Affidavit”.  The tortfeasors have admitted guilt and are liable, but continue to act in bad faith.

The tortfeasors have made a mockery of justice.  The public courts belong to us – they’re part of the Commonwealth trust.  But our courts and our government have been infiltrated by employees of a foreign private company, mostly lawyers, who have taken over our courts by stealth while we were sleeping, pretending nothing’s changed.

When i challenged the tortfeasors to identify the capacity in which they act and supply verifiable evidence that they’ve sworn the mandatory oath of allegiance and office, and to prove that they act lawfully under royal assent from a true heir and successor of Queen Victoria when interfering with and obstructing a private prosecution, i was threatened.  No answers and no evidence forthcoming to date, even though evidence should be readily available as public record.

The best the tortfeasors came up with was to quote from copyrighted material and tried to pass if off as a valid public law of Queensland.  You can’t copyright something that belongs to everyone.

i did company searches to find out who owns the copyrighted material, which the tortfeasors call “legislation” and “Acts”, and found it’s the copyrighted internal policy of a foreign private company, insidiously named, State of Queensland  — http://www.sec.gov/cgi-bin/browse-edgar?company=state+of+queensland&match=&CIK=&filenum=&State=&Country=&SIC=&owner=include&Find=Find+Companies&action=getcompany — and the tortfeasors have sent me letters that show they also operate under the registered logo of that company.  They’re blatant.

The next time you have a look at a piece of “reprinted” “legislation”, or a “reprinted” “Act”, read what it says about the “reprint” — here’s a quote from the very first page of “Supreme Court of Queensland Act 1991, Uniform Civil Procedure Rules1999″  — Warning—This reprint is not an authorised copy — Reprint No. 8C

Also look for the copyright symbol, usually found in tiny print somewhere on the first couple pages or at the very end, on the last page right down the bottom — looks like this –> © State of Queensland 2012 — found on the very last page of the “unauthorised reprint” of the above quoted “Act”.  Other pieces of “legislation” and “Acts” are the same “reprint” copyrighted crap.  The tortfeasors couldn’t even tell me what form of law is applied.

So we have a situation where people employed in the Public Service of the realm, in positions of trust, are unsworn imposters who abuse office, abuse trust and rob us at whim.

i’ve completed a common law commercial lien process with the tortfeasors to hold them accountable for their actions.   They admit their wrongs and accepted the debt and admit they’re in default and dishonour.  They admit they’re dishonest and act in bad faith.

i’m creating a public record to share with the world.





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